Jerbearjerry a posted Jul 29, 18

We are happy to announce that we have updated a couple of packs and planning on bringing a " New to us " pack into the community for your enjoyment. The updates are as follows:

Direwolf20 went from 2.0.0 up to 2.1.0

Revelations went from 2.1.0 up to 2.2.0

We are not sure what pack we want to put up, but I for one am thinking I want to bring back an old school pack. Again... not sure which one. That being said, I would love to hear what packs you all have experienced in the past and some of your favorites. At some point we would like to go through and give them all a good run again. I am partial to TechWorld 2 from 1.6.4 myself.

Let us know what is on your mind, and as always.... Happy Hunting!!!


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Just an update for anyone not using discord to follow all the things that are DreamerCraft3. We have had a major meltdown at our host location reportedly due " Cascading A/C failure " Basically.... things got hot and the servers all shut down. 

We now have a new home and are online and working on bringing all the packs back online.


Revelations is online with an update to 2.1.0

Vanilla is online

Gaspar's Vanilla is online

Direwolf20 is updated to 2.0.0 when it comes online with no map reset planned

We are thinking about dropping Age of Engineering for All the Mods 3 and will be putting up a poll to see who all is on board with the idea

Thank you all for your patience and understanding and hope to see you in game

Happy Hunting,


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HeiscaIs looking for a FTBie server address ;)
Me2   yeah I also would like the address considering I am paying you dreamercraft owner lol. please!!!
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