Another sad ending

By Jerbearjerry a - Posted Aug 25, 18

I am very sad to announce that due to our inability to maintain staff to attend to the servers and the inability of most to help promote the community via voting, I am pulling the plug on DremaerCraft3.

I appreciate everyones patience through all this and for sticking around and donating as long as you have. It definitely has been an interesting ride and I have learned alot.

I will probably find another community to play on and maybe Dev. and see how things go from there. The DreamerCraft3 discord will remain open unless the traffic there dies off.

I hope to see you all around and still hang out together. Until then, Happy Hunting!


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HeiscaIs looking for a FTBie server address ;)
Me2   yeah I also would like the address considering I am paying you dreamercraft owner lol. please!!!
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