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Jerbearjerry a posted Mar 9, 18

   So the good news last night was we were given control of our much more powerful ( and shiney ) new Dedicated server. This new machine should give us a ton of room to grow while maintaining a smooth gaming experience for the players. If you find that servers are down throughout the day it will be due to the transferring of them to the new server and setting them up. 

   We appreciate everyones patience with us and the time it is taking to set things up. It is a pretty tedious process making sure everything is in order to minimize down time at official launch and in the future. As far as people who have found thier way in and played a bit, please remember, we are still setting up and working out kinks. All worlds are subject to reset at any time during this process.

   Thank you for your understanding and hope to up and running very soon. Untill then, have fun and Happy Hunting!


DreamBig-Craft Bigger

Who would have thought, almost two years ago was blessed the help from Jerbearjerry to relaunch the DreamerCraft community. As we grew, friends were made - and a network strengthened. Even when I finally had to take the server down - We held onto the domain, waiting, hoping for the chance - the stars to align - to bring it all back.

Seems this winter brings starry nights - as it’s my turn to do my best to assist Jerry in his quest to breathe life back into DreamerCraft3, newer - and even more shiny than ever.

We grow closer to getting all the permissions and plugins stable - moving into the future with a 1.10.2 Build - We are happy to announce SkyFactory3, Infinity Lite, Direwolf20 and good old Vanilla. (Yeah Bacon)

As we move forward recognition is needed for the back-end drive to making this possible - DeadlyBladez bringing code together into a playable world. Your work is invaluable - the world bears your signature. Also a huge shout out to Frostbittin, Gothikitten and MrWarlockFTW for helping shape/create/test and having patience as bugs are found and worked out. We also want to thank PandasPlease for his contribution to setting up our very own Discord server. Thank you all for your help in this endeavor.

This ball is rolling, too much still sits on the to do list, under more important tasks - but from mini-games to in game and out game shops - There is a world and its waiting for all of us to make it so much more.

All there is right now is the future again - I'm looking forward to new and old faces alike.

Stay tuned for more as we dial everything in and get the machines all fired up fully.

Heisca ~~

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