Another sad ending

Jerbearjerry a posted Aug 25, 18

I am very sad to announce that due to our inability to maintain staff to attend to the servers and the inability of most to help promote the community via voting, I am pulling the plug on DremaerCraft3.

I appreciate everyones patience through all this and for sticking around and donating as long as you have. It definitely has been an interesting ride and I have learned alot.

I will probably find another community to play on and maybe Dev. and see how things go from there. The DreamerCraft3 discord will remain open unless the traffic there dies off.

I hope to see you all around and still hang out together. Until then, Happy Hunting!


SevTech: Ages

Jerbearjerry a posted Aug 4, 18

With great regret, due to inactivity on SevTech Ages, we are in the process of taking it down.

We will be setting up an Infinity Evolved whitelisted server as well as a 1.6.4 server or two.

My hope is to bring back some old packs that are lighter for nestalgia and so people with less beastly PCs can come hang out in our community.

I appreciate all of you coming into the community and look forward to bringing more content. As always, we look forward to your imput and suggestions in regards to possible packs to put up and ideas for  improving our offerings.

Fell free to drop any ideas on our discord " Ideas " channel.

Until next time, Happy Hunting!


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Me2   yeah I also would like the address considering I am paying you dreamercraft owner lol. please!!!
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